My name is Aomine, and I’m 22 years old from Zimbabwe. Growing up in Zimbabwe, being gay was illegal. To be safe, I had to be very discreet about my sexuality. So when I moved to Winnipeg, I tried to keep my sexuality private and could not express myself or say certain things. I did not want to hang out with certain people because there was an association with the people you hang out with and your sexuality.


But since I've lived in Winnipeg over the past few years, I've realized that one can be straight and have a gay friend. Therefore I can hang out in public with friends who are “out”. Right now I define myself as a gay man but then I am not always set in that box. Because I can be interested in a woman and I know I can find a woman. I occasionally have sex with women but consider myself to be gay. In those occasional encounters I see myself as “straight curious."

Winnipeg being open and safe, compared to my hometown in Zimbabwe, has provided me with the space to accept my sexuality. Now I surround myself with people who understand me and I feel are not homophobes and I can be friends with.