Simone Jones, was a 22 years old from Zimbabwe. During the time I spent with Simone, she told me on several occasions about her preferences for “white men” that is Euro-Canadian men and other non-African men, especially men who are not Nigerian. Her preference was derived from her analysis that African men expect women to perform stereotypical gender roles whereas white men and men from cultures other than African cultures do not adhere to patriarchal norms. She used stereotypes in her articulation of a racialized heterosexual desire.

Although Euro-Canadian men are just as prone to patriarchal norms as black men, in Simone’s assessment of racialized and nation-bound masculinities, they were the most desirable sexual and romantic partners for her. As a heterosexual single young adult woman seeking potential intimate encounters and relations, Simone’s preference for and attraction to one group of men (“white men”) over another racialized group (“African men”) had implications for where she went out in Winnipeg on her leisure time. More specifically, she attended various clubs in the city and around downtown of Winnipeg whose patrons are mostly white in hopes of meeting white men.

Simone is from a middle-class family in Zimbabwe and, hence, is situated within privilege. She went to a private school in Zimbabwe where her classmates were mostly white Zimbabweans. Simone spoke English fluently. Although she has lived in Winnipeg for only a year, her education and income gained from her mother from Zimbabwe afforded her a level of “integration” into dominant white Canadian spaces that was very different from other newcomers who had been living in Winnipeg for much longer than one year.